Day 4 of the YouTube Yoga Challenge happened to fall on the New Moon in my zodiac sign of Leo so I felt implored to do something thematic. I originally chose a different video but the woman was speaking so low that even when I turned to volume all the way up I couldn’t hear her. What I’ll say about this video is that is was far more difficult than the other videos I tried. Intermediate my ass! But I made it through. Then I went to a party which is why I didn’t get a chance to post. Yes, I went to two parties, two days in a row. It’s LEO SEASON after all!

The next day I really wasn’t feeling like doing yoga. I was tired from two days of partying and I was in kind of a bad mood. The entire day went by, then around 11:30 I pulled it together enough to do a quick practice. It didn’t really feel like yoga because it was so short, but it fulfilled the requirement of being YouTube yoga and I felt pretty good about sticking with the challenge, even if I was late blogging about it.

There are only 2 days left! I’m confident that I’ll actually complete this challenge, and truthfully, it hasn’t really been very difficult at all. Feeling awesome! Namaste!



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