Once again with the madness in the title, but I think it fits. Can you all believe that it’s March already? At the end of the month, the entire first quarter of the year will be complete. That’s madness! Oh, did you think I was talking about NCAA Basketball? Nah. Not even with Northwestern in the dance. I’m just not into sports like that.

Anyway, it’s amazing how time flies, especially when you have so many goals to smash! And spring truly is an ideal time to get things in motion (if you haven’t been already), both mentally and physically. So, I’ve got a couple of challenges for all of you.

The first challenge is #MovementMarch! I challenge you to do some kind of physical activity every single day this month, and yes, dancing all night totally counts! I started yesterday with a trip to the gym where I ran a mile, biked 4 miles and did an ab workout. I’m beat today, but I’ll make sure to do something, even if it’s just some nice, easy yoga.

Why are we bothering with this? Well naturally we want to be healthy, but there’s levels to this. When the body is in motion daily, the mind must also be in motion daily. This movement makes room for growth, new ideas, and progress!

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The second challenge is the #GrowSomething challenge. Gardening is life. And I want you to see for yourselves what has been revealed to me since I started gardening. Things like the fact that in life, often it looks like there’s nothing going on at all on a surface level, but beneath it all, there’s tremendous growth and development happening. There’s a season for everything, including rest, not just bearing fruit. All kinds of gems like that, but things you’ll see for yourself once you get started.

But there are two parts to this challenge. You’re not going to just grow an herb or flowers or a veggie, you’re going to grow something that can change your life! So here’s how it’s going to all go down.

Start a garden – It may be too cold outside where you live (it’s too cold in Chicago) but it’s not too early to start some seedlings off indoors. Herbs are super easy to grow and you’ll really save a lot of money growing them yourselves. Mint practically grows itself, and basil is pretty easy (and is reputed to be a money blessing plant, ca-ching!). You can always grab some dirt, throw it in a cup, toss in a dried lima bean or a black bean or any bean and cover it with dirt, then water when the soil feels dry. A plant will grow, one that produces more beans. Really.

Start a project – Pick something that will take 2-3 months to complete. Writers, this is the perfect time frame to craft a short story or novella, complete a work-in-progress, or edit a completed project. Others might lose weight, start a fitness program, take a course or stop smoking.

Water your garden daily –Β This is a double entendre. Commit to your garden and your project. When you’re done you’ll have a completed project and something lovely to look at (or eat!).



If you haven’t been as productive as you thought you’d be at the onset of the year, it isn’t too late to get cracking. Plant some seeds now so that your garden will bloom in the next quarter!



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