The Rolexxx Club


When Dez begins working as a dancer at Miami´s famous Rolexxx Club, she merely sees it as a way to pay the bills before she makes enough money to chase her dreams. Then Ginger, a world-weary dancer at just 25, takes Dez under her wing and shows her that beautiful looks and an intoxicating demeanor can attract the most successful men in the world. Dez gives in to the promise of easy money, but not for long. After trying to make a name for herself as a singer and model, Dez catches the eye of Bentley, the world’s hottest hip-hop star and record producer. Instantly smitten by her charm and talent, Bentley whisks Dez into the studio, where she just might become the next rap superstar. But someone from her past doesn’t want her to succeed, and unless she learns who her enemies are, Dez’s life and dreams could burn out faster than a shooting star….

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Book Details

  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Rogues and Rebels Publishing (June 23, 20017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0446696784


I have never read a book this visual in my life. From page one, I felt like Dez’s real name should have Been “Foxy”!!!!! Her sassiness, rap talent, and love 4 her man, mirrors every young Girl in Tha Hood’!!!!!! With street savvy, swagger and strength, my girl Meta brings tha Drama 2 tha book game like a seasoned vet! — Grammy Nominated, Platinum Rapper Foxy Brown

Meta Smith’s debut is EXXXTRA Hot! In her debut novel she stresses the importance of following your dreams and facing each obstacle and consequence head on. –Romantic Times

The Rolexxx Club is an exhilarating debut novel by Meta Smith. Smith gives the reader an inside look into the wild entertainment industry. You will definitely feel all of the energy and excitement as Dez makes her rise to superstardom. I thought the storyline was realistic and the scenes were so descriptive that I felt like I was actually there experiencing everything with Dez. This novel captured my attention from the very first page. Even though this is an excellent coming of age story, there is a good dose of drama, suspense, and murder. This author also dealt with the issue of a woman’s self worth and how that can influence the decisions she makes in her life. Readers will also be surprised at the unique twist of this story that will surely leave room for a sequel. The Rolexxx Club has glitz, glamour, and street savvy that will surely satisfy its readers. Meta Smith is ready to take hip-hop lit to the next level. –

With a mixture of disloyalty, deception and jealously, Ms. Smith pens a tale that magnetizes. –Coffee Time Romance

The Rolexxx Club(Warner Books) is a gritty raw in your face novel…Think Memoirs of A Geisha paired with urban romance…The Rolexxx Club is a page-turner. –Ani Nazaretyan Vuolo, All Things

Smith comes into the hip hop lit game with a grand slam. Other debut authors better step up their game! — Nikki Turner, Bestselling Author of The Glamorous Life

With her fresh, authentic voice, knowledge of the streets, and true-to-life hip-hop background… Meta Smith is ready to carve her own niche…Imbued with insider details of the music industry from a beautiful, charismatic author, THE ROLEXXX CLUB is certain to generate buzz and media attention. — Warner Books