Queen of Miami


First thing I learned when I hit this town: You keep its night thing going, and Miami will give you anything you want. And all I’ve ever cared about was music. Put me in front of some ones and twos, give me beats to mix like no one else can, and I’ll have everyone from bangers to quadrillionaires firing up their groove. Back in my Chicago hometown, all my DJ skills got me was my hyper-respectable bougie family disconnecting me from my trust fund.

But down here, they’ve got me Mikhail, one gorgeous, megarich Russian businessman who’s giving me the world’s glitziest party spots, more raw-and-nasty sex than even I can handle…and ownership of Miami’s ultimate club. Now if I keep my game tight-and stay one step ahead of whatever one Mikhail is playing-I’ll have it all. And the outrageous “Ms. Bobbi” will be ruling Miami’s 24/7 party like no one ever has…no matter what it takes.

10 Year Anniversary Edition coming May 26, 2017