She Wants the D

I still am not sure what odd YouTube vortex I got sucked into that led me to this song.

I’m warning you now that you aren’t going to ever get your 3 minutes and 48 seconds back, but if you spend those 3 minutes and 48 seconds laughing and asking yourself “what the f$ck?” you really won’t mind.

I don’t know who Barbara Markay is but I know what she wants!


And she doesn’t want the D for just a little while. It’s quite alright to work it out all night as she expresses in this next ditty.

But don’t call Ms. Markay a one-trick pony. She wants more than hot, sweaty relations. She wants to stay human and alive. She lets us know in this song that she doesn’t want to be a zombie.

And in case you were wondering how that all worked out for her, she lets us know that she’s sustaining her non-zombie status in the hook of this song that states “I’m okay, oh yeah”

UPDATE! I now know who Barbara Markay is and apparently the D is not her focus anymore. Turns out not wanting to be a zombie led her to Christ. Amen.

You can find out more about Ms. Markay here. Or not.

Bobby Bitch! Bobby Shmurda Drops New Video and Dance Moves

Bobby Shmurda dropped a new video. How do we feel about this? How do we feel about Bobby period? Is he being exploited? Is he part of the problem in hip-hop and our communities?  Hit me off in the comments below. Super curious to what my people think about dude!

It’s a journey and I love to travel

So many people believe that since they don’t have it “all together” that they are some kind of failure or that they aren’t hustling hard enough. Stop that negative nonsense! Life is a journey, not a destination. You have to start somewhere in order to get somewhere, but the most important thing is that you START!

Don’t allow what you haven’t achieved YET deter you from  attempting to accomplish your goals. That space in between where you are and where you want to be is where you learn, grow and live. It’s okay. Enjoy it, work hard, and you’ll get to where you’re going.

Peace & Positive Vibes,

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Slow progress is better than no progress.

I use the Nike Running app on my phone to track my miles when I run. It helps to remind me of how much or how little I’m doing, plus there are loads of other features that I said I was going to use, but don’t. But I will…eventually.

I ran my fastest mile, completed my longest run and burned the most calories with this run. Did I mention I DON’T like running? It’s not that much fun when you’re slow and tired but I’m motivated to keep it going. I’ve noticed that running is the one thing that really helps to burn body fat more than any other exercise that I do. Especially belly fat. I am seriously thinking about investing in a home gym, complete with a treadmill and exercise bike. The only thing is I can think of so many other things to buy instead!


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Photo taken at: 31st Street Beach

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It’s yours

I’ve really done a lot of research and study on the Law of Attraction and I can tell you that it resonates with me. That’s why I love this Rumi quote. There’s no reason to dull your light because you feel like you haven’t reached all of your goals. If you shine like the universe is yours, the universe will be yours. In fact it already is yours! So whatever you’re going for in life, keep going! Shine! And enjoy your manifested blessings!

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Throwback Thursday, A Haiku: Kissing You

I used to write haiku all the time. Oh so what it’s 3rd grade type of writing! I like them. I used to write them for guys I went out with. They liked them too. I won’t say who this one was for waaaaay back when I wrote it, but for some reason it popped into my head and I thought I’d share it with you.

Kissing You

The taste of your lips
lingers long after you are
gone…I crave your kiss

Speaking of kissing, who remembers this song? It still bumps after all these years…

Nazr Mohammed Foundation Annual Gala

Every year I attend Chicago Bull‘s player Nazr Mohammed‘s annual fundraiser. Not only does he play for my favorite basketball team, but he went to my high school and is an all around great guy. There’s no question as to whether or not he gets my support in any and all of his charitable endeavors.

The event took place on August 1, 2014 at Galleria Marchetti, a gorgeous venue with an outdoor garden. The weather was divine, so it was a perfect night to party outside for Nazr’s 300 plus guests.

There was a Maker’s Mark table, a hand-rolled cigar table, and several bars and food stations. Needless to say, I really enjoyed those particular areas!

There was live music by The Mo Fitz Project plus a DJ and people danced and socialized to their hearts content.

Nazr raised over $35,000 for the University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center.

Lots of television and radio personalities were in the house like CBS’s Derek Young, ABC’s Val Warner and a few others whose names I don’t know but I definitely recognized their faces.

Some of the athletes there were Joakim Noah, Shawn Marion, Antoine Walker, Jerry Azumah, Dee Brown, James “Big Cat” Williams,  and Israel Idonije.

I had a great night and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Pants: Akira Black Label
Top: H&M
Shoes: Nina



Make A Wish

So my birthday is in exactly two weeks, and as I brazenly solicit gifts from friends, family and complete strangers, people naturally ask what I’d like.

I’m not hard to please, honestly. Cards, flowers (I love tulips & calla lilies), money, gift cards (from any store not just the fancy ones because I’d tear a WalMart or Target card up!), jewelry and perfume (I’d adore the discontinued Trouble by Boucheron) are always welcome. Drawings, silly videos, and anything creative would also be loved. And, you can’t go wrong with Jack Daniels or any champagne (not Korbel or J. Roget but REAL champagne like Moet, Cristal, Tattinger Blanc de Blanc Rose, or even Bel-Aire Rose).

That being said, there’s something I really, really want. I’ll tell you in just a sec but first I’d like to add a bit of backstory…

My birthday is never, ever lucky in love for me. I’ve been stood up by the dates for my party not once, but TWICE! The first guy actually chose my birthday to get back with his EX! I bawled, cussed and fussed and ultimately guilted him into buying my first pair of CD turntables, so I turned those lemons into lemonade and my career as a DJ was born.

The second time was last year, and a certain someone promised he’d be there then didn’t call, didn’t show and then was so milquetoast afterward that he avoided my calls for days. Well eventually I caught up to him (if I know where you live and work you can’t hide forever, LOL) and I let him have it (verbally, but I really wanted to set him on fire), but nothing nearly as awesome as CD turntables came from it. I did get a humble apology and we’re cool because I don’t hold grudges, but I also don’t forget! The upside was that I did have fun at the Freedom Party and Bodi with my real friends who treated me to a bottle and showed me so much love, so it wasn’t a total bust but I was disappointed in the dude to say the least.

And then there was that time when I was with the Biz and he took me to the movies ON THE BUS (he had a Range Rover) then cussed at me at Grand Luxe Cafe because of who-knows-what bug jumped up his ass. Yes, yes, I know I was a fool for setting foot on the CTA and remaining with him for years afterward but I was so stupidly in love… Let’s just thank God that we both evolved and somehow managed to become the best of friends after our break-up.

Well damn it, this year it would be awesome to go on a real date. Not just any date, but THIS date.

That’s right, I want you to turn my life into a John Hughes film! Just like any self-respecting 70s/80s baby from Chicago I want to feel like Molly Ringwald when Jake Ryan finally realized she was awesome and saved what would have otherwise been a sucky day.

Bad 80’s clothes and hair are optional, but I DO have a flower crown and would gladly go to the thrift store and find an ugly bridesmaid’s dress if someone were prepared to go ALL OUT. (Tyra can tell you I don’t half step when it comes to costumes!) I’ve already got the cute, red pixie cut. You don’t have to show up in a Porsche but you must be HOT (read this as I must have told you you are hot or cute or fine or sexy). We don’t have to actually run through the dialogue but I will! And we don’t have to stage it at a church but if we did that would be so SWEET! (sweet as in awesome not sweet as in corny). Now just my luck the glass table we decided to sit on would break or if we leaned over the cake my dress would set on fire, but if you can find a wooden jawn I’d be super cautious to avoid the flames when lean in and give you the best kiss of your life.

Okay, okay we don’t have to do all that, but I would like a cute cake, with strawberries in or on it. A nice dinner somewhere with a view would suffice. Scintillating convo filled with talk of how amazingly awesome I am is a must. And you’d get major pointage if you asked me to make a wish and didn’t roll your eyes out of their sockets when I said “It already came true”. And of course I’d give you a kiss. I’m a really good kisser (do not think about the Usher kind of good kisser!) And OH how I’d love if you let someone take a picture of it so I’d have a picture to remember a birthday when a man didn’t turn into a complete asshat.

So, someone make that happen. Someone cute and cool and nice. Idris went and had a baby with someone. Questlove will be off somewhere being fabulous without me. I might be too black for Blake Griffin. So, none of my celeb crushes are going to be available. But someone out there that knows me, likes me, flirted with me, or recently met me and reads this blog to get into my quirky, odd psyche could surely make this happen. I’m worth it. You already know I’m worth it. Handle that.

Thank you. In the words of my boy Cortez Dorris, “That is all. Take care. One.”

P.S. Wait, that isn’t all. You could photoshop Idris and I over this picture and that would be almost as awesome. All I know is I’m not giving my panties to a geek!

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